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A Closer Look at the Engagement Ring

February 9, 2015

choosing engagement ringMany people see engagement rings to be the ultimate symbols of true love, commitment, and devotion. While the popular trend is for people to get diamond engagement rings, other types of stones are becoming popular for engagement rings as well. No matter what the stone is, engagement rings are the first symbolic representation of a union between two people who are deeply in love and ready to make a lifetime commitment to each other, and that is certainly a beautiful thing. This is why couples appreciate the engagement ring as a symbol.

Engaged women love to show off their rings to friends and families as a way to show their excitement for their engagement and their upcoming union. Engagement rings typically elicit wistful feelings and a desire for romance when single women see them. So why do they evoke such powerful emotions? And why are they seen as such important symbols of relationships? What is the historical context of engagement rings?

7300032_sThe history of the engagement ring can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians when they believed that the third finger, which contained the vena amoris—a vein that is connected to the heart--was a great symbol for love. They invented the engagement ring to be worn on this finger. The Greeks and Romans then popularized the trend and used them to symbolize relationships. In 1477, the diamond ring was introduced, and diamonds were thought to be magical at this time. They were said to contain power over purity, love, and fidelity, and that is how they came to be so popular in engagement rings.

Engagement rings have not lost their value, meaning, and symbolism. They are still viewed as beautiful expressions of two people's commitment to one another, which is why they are so popular. Although many couples are starting to buy engagement rings with other stones as opposed to strictly diamonds, the popularity of the engagement ring itself is clearly not going away anytime soon.

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