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How to Wear Stackable Bracelets

November 14, 2016

There are no rules when it comes to choosing stackables, but here are some great tips on how to make them look even better!

On The Look:

  • Stackable Bracelets come in two looks:
  • Carefree and casual, they move up and down the arm
  • Polished and sophisticated, they stay where they are positioned

When choosing a few bracelets together, it’s best to choose within the same look.

On Mixing:
Of course, similar metals, or similar stones, (all diamonds, or all sapphires, for
example) give a clean and harmonious look.

However, mixing metals and colored stones in your stack adds a trendy and fun touch, and creates a greater visual design.

Mixing tends to work better with stackables that move more fluidly, to accentuate the carefree and casual look you are going for!

On Caring:

You put a lot of thought when putting together your favorite stackables, so put some thought into taking care of them too:

  • Avoid pairing bracelets whose design features may damage each other
  • While wearing bracelets, be careful when putting your arms in sleeves—if they snag on your clothes, it’ll ruin both your bracelet and your favorite top. In fact, wear them last after you get dressed.
  • Regularly check your bracelets for scratches, loose stones, worn clasps, and safety catches. It’s a natural precaution for jewelry with a lot of movement.

Wear your stackables with everything you own, they go with anything from your tees and jeans, to formal wear, to whatever you love lounging in. There’s nowhere your bracelets won’t look and feel sensational.

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