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Happily Going In Circles: Why We Love HOOPS

July 18, 2018

Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Vergara, Zendaya, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Julia Roberts – These are just some of our favorite stars of every age known for wearing hoop earrings. Why are they the go-to choice for so many women?


Gabriel & Co. Earrings Collection

There are so many reasons, but we will give you three indisputable ones:

• Hoops are as sexy as jewelry gets
• Their shape and subtle movement always attract attention
You can pair them with jeans and your slouchiest pullover, a lean shift dress for work or dinner, even have them compliment that dress you spent way too much money on but just love, love, LOVE, or let the summer sun’s radiance cause them to shine on the beach. Wherever you go, hoops always score! And we have fantastic proof. Check out the beautiful vocal powerhouse Demi Lovato on the cover of InStyle Magazine wearing one of our favorite pair of big hoops.

(14K White Gold Lusso Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings EG12606W45JJ).

Demi Lovato Instyle Magazine Cover with Gabriel & Co. Hoop Earrings Because every woman is unique with a personality, style, and way of life all her own that can vary from day to day, Gabriel & Co. makes hoops in just about any size you can imagine. Bejeweled, ornamented or shining in simplicity, in every color gold. We recommend you buy several to match those times when you want to be demure yet relaxed. But you should factor in these traits when making your selection:

• The length of your hair (you don’t want them hidden)
• The weight of the hoop (Gabriel hoops are so light)
• The impact of your facial features (thinner hoops for delicate ones, thicker for prominent features)
• The occasion, your outfit and movement 



14k White Gold Lusso Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings1. Try hoops on in front of a three-way mirror so
you can more accurately gauge the scale.

2. The bigger the hoop, the more drama, but don’t shy away from that prospect. As long as they don’t overtake your features. One size larger than you are used to is always more fun.

And it’s a known fact that the more confident you are, the sexier you look. Good deal.



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